How to find OpenCV version in Python and C++ ?

OpenCV 3.0 was released recently, and you might be thinking of upgrading your code base. OpenCV 2 code will most likely not compile with OpenCV 3 because the new version is not backwardly compatible. So you need a mechanism to make sure your code is compatible with both OpenCV 3 and OpenCV 2. This post… Read More »

How Computer Vision Solved the Greatest Soccer Mystery of All Time

30th of July 1966. Wembley Stadium, London. World Cup Soccer finals. England 2, Germany 1. For the English team victory was tantalizingly within reach. Victory was just seconds away. Victory looked inevitable. And then the unthinkable happened. In the 89th minute of the game,  Lothar Emmerich of Germany took a free kick that hit the… Read More »

Embedded Vision Summit 2015

As a grad student I went to the Czech Republic in 2004 to attend the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV). My paper with Sameer Agarwal, who is now a researcher at Google, had been accepted and my advisor Dr. David Kriegman had generously funded my trip to Europe. I had published at other conferences… Read More »

Non-Photorealistic Rendering using OpenCV ( Python, C++ )

Many years back, when I was a student, I wanted to write a filter that would create a stylized / cartoonized image like the one shown above. In my naivety I thought I could simply blur the image using a Gaussian kernel, separately detect the edges, and combine the two images to get a stylized… Read More »

OpenCV Threshold ( Python , C++ )

What is image thresholding ? Carefully observe image below (Figure 1). How many numbers do you see ? Most of you will see the numbers : 32 (oh yeah, look carefully), 64, 100,  128, 180, 200 and 255. But there is more to the image than what meets the eye. Hover over the image to… Read More »